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Section 2: Migration and Overwintering

Monarch Cluster

This is the fourth video of the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project video training series, reviewing monarch migration routes, characteristics of overwintering locations, and deforestation threats.

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Glossary of Terms

  • diapause
    (DI-uh-pawz): a period of dormancy between periods of activity.
  • dormancy
    a period in an organism's life cycle when growth, development, and physical activity are temporarily stopped.
  • logging
    cutting down and removal of trees.
  • migration
    movement of an organism or group from one habitat or location to another; usually periodic or seasonal movement of relatively long distance.
  • oyamel
    (oi-eh-MEL): a species of fir tree, endemic to the mountains of central Mexico. Currently distributed on mountain peaks at elevations between 2400 and 3600 meters.
  • predation
    an interaction where one organism, the predator, benefits and the other, the prey, is harmed.

Photo Credits (in order of appearance)

1. Video footage of monarchs staging to migrate: All Day Video
2. Video footage of overwintering monarchs: Wendy Caldwell
3. Video footage of monarchs staging to migrate: All Day Video
4. Monarch overwintering site map: Journey North
5. Monarchs in overwintering site: Lincoln P. Brower
6. Rosario Reserve aerial photo: Lincoln P. Brower
7. Bird predators: Lincoln P. Brower
8. Monarchs killed by bird predator (2): Monarch Lab Photo
9. Dead monarchs on forest floor: De Cansler
10. Monarchs drinking in Mexico: Karen Oberhauser
11. Monarchs nectaring in Mexico (2): Wendy Caldwell
12. Video footage of Sierra Chincua overwintering sanctuary: Wendy Caldwell
13. Eggs on young milkweed: Gail Gilliland