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In-person Training

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Training Sessions

You can attend a training session given by a trainer in your region. See the map of upcoming training sessions below. If there is not an MLMP training session scheduled for your area, you can still get started with our online training video series or contact us at to watch a recording of an online training workshop tailored to your region. Note that since these online training workshops cost participants $45 to attend, there is a suggested $20 donation to gain access to these recordings. 

Interested in becoming a trainer? 

  • Visit our Become an MLMP Trainer page to learn how to become a trainer.
  • Announce an MLMP Training Session on our For Trainers Resource page to advertise a training session.

Virtual Live MLMP Training Workshops

Online training workshops typically take place in the spring of each year, and are tailored to different geographic regions, including western states (typically in January or February), southern states (typically in April), and northern states (typically in April). Stay tuned for 2024 online workshop listings!

If you'd like to be informed when the next virtual MLMP training will be held, fill out this form and you'll be one of the first to know!

Upcoming Training Sessions

Search for a Trainer (points) or upcoming Training Session (stars) near you. Click on the icon for more information. CLICK HERE for larger map.