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Our mission is to better understand the distribution and abundance of breeding monarchs and to use that knowledge to inform and inspire monarch conservation.

Why Participate?

Does your heart soar and fill with wonder when a monarch flutters by? Are you concerned about the monarch population or wildlife in general?

Participating in the MLMP makes a difference. It is an exciting way for monarch and nature enthusiasts to contribute basic knowledge about monarch population dynamics and foster monarch and habitat conservation. Help from volunteers across the country gives scientists a bigger and better understanding of the health of the monarch population. Your involvement is the key!

MLMP volunteers are always learning. During in-person MLMP training sessions, volunteers learn about monarch biology, monitoring procedures, data entry protocols, and other important monitoring information. You can also learn on your own with our online training video series and activity datasheets instructions. A monitoring kit is available from our online store and includes tools to aid you in monitoring your site.

Learning to monitor is only the beginning; your observations and data collection activities will invoke awareness of and curiosity about the local environment. Volunteers communicate with monarch scientists regarding their questions and concerns through email. All data are compiled by scientists and made available to volunteers and other researchers. By participating in the MLMP, you’ll see your direct contribution to an increased understanding of the monarch population.

Monitoring for the MLMP can be done alone or with others; many people volunteer with friends, family, or neighbors. This project is a terrific way to introduce people of all ages to science and nature. Whether you’re passionate about monarchs, nature, conservation, or continued learning, the MLMP is the project for you! Please consider signing up today, contact us for further information on how to become an MLMP volunteer, or check to see if there will be a training session near you. We hope to hear from you!

We're looking forward to your contributions in the upcoming monitoring season!